Mini Chiffon Cake

Mini Chiffon Cake | “no picture please”

One of those embarrassing moments:

“There is something magically about the word “mini or little” especially when it’s applied on sweets and desserts. Gather all the mini’s around and you can get lovely shots. In Asia, there are a lot of these dessert shops where they sell mini cakes. All the cakes are perfectly lined next to each other, every millimetres counts and the ambience of the store is great: bright light, white counters, soft colors and friendly people. So whenever I walk in one of those

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Pink KitKat - Japan

KitKat in Japan | Pink chocolate

KitKat is huge in Japan; there are tons of flavors – from green tea to wasabi. In Amsterdam we got these “normal” ones. This pink one I got it from a friend as a little gift. I don’t know if you can still call it chocolate, maybe cookie wrapped in a creamy jacket is much more suitable. It may taste like bubblegum, but it is cute. #Sunday snack

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California maki, Avocado maki and Unagi nigiri

Sushi for dinner! Who else? | Tips for making maki and nigiri

Did I mention that sushi is one of my favorite? These little adorable delicious cute things just topped my favorite list for many years now and I am still hooked on as before. If you want some real good sushi here in Amsterdam (Kaiko still my favorite), be prepared to pay some extra money for it.

In order to be more friendly to my wallet, I make sushi at home. It will take some time, but for sure I know you will love it. After all, homemade food just tastes better. Don’t you think?

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Strawberry, raspberry, blackberry and blueberry

The four best friends | Strawberry, raspberry, blackberry and blueberry

How can you resist these gorgeous berries. Got these from a fruit stall near my office, 2×3 meter of fruit in little boxes and every little boxes are just perfectly laid next to each other asking me to bring us home. Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries may just be the four best friends, which you can just put together and don’t feel awkwardness and Continue reading

Taro truffle salad with roasted seaweed, puffed rice grains and shiitake

Asian finger food | Food photography

FINGER FOOD | I love finger foods, for the eye it’s lovely, cute and adorable. For the line, it’s also very good as you can taste a lot of different flavors. I celebrated Chinese New Year in a non-traditional way, with Asian finger foods. And they were yummy! Continue reading

Vegetarian rice bowl

Healthy, colorful and less than 300 calories dinner | Vegetarian rice bowl

BOWL OF RICE – It’s a lovely winter day today; cold but sunny. When I take a look outside, I see lots of people jog, whether it is alone, with a friend, a dog or in groups. A few weeks ago I was totally seeing myself do the same. However, the truth is cruel… I admit I failed; my new year’s resolution was a complete failure. Chips, cakes, candies, cookies and chocolate they are all here, of course it didn’t disappear in 2014. What was I thinking?! And after all I am a food blogger. I love food! Continue reading