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chocolate egg tart

Egg tart innovation | Chocolate egg tart

YUMMY CREATIVITY – Walking down the busy streets in Hong Kong, you come across many bread and cake shops. From fancy western cute little shops to traditional market style bread and cake shop. These traditional shops are the most interesting to me. It really is all about the food. No fancy wrappings, just plastic bags. Nonetheless, people are lining up. When people are lining up in Hong Kong, you know it is good.

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30 ºC and it is BBQ time | POP photo effects

SUMMER & BBQ – Last week, I was complaining about the weather. It was cloudy and chilly in friggin’ July. I guess my complaint is heard, because one week has passed and it is 30 ºC, sunshine everywhere ^^ With this kind of weather, we all love to eat outside and barbeque is of course the perfect food for a day like this. The meat, seafood and all other delicious food were prepared in front of us, my only task is to eat ^^. Wine, food and sun, my perfect Sunday ! Continue reading

Traveling in HONG KONG | The rubber duck “badeend”

THE CUTEST DUCK – The little rubber duck that I once knew has grown up! When I was little, this little rubber duck (Dutch: de badeend) was just a toy floating around in my bath. And now it is floating around in Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong. With the length of 16,5 meters it is even cuter than in my memories.  My little duck was just around 8 cm. The duck will be on display until the 9th of June in Hong Kong.

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Turn, fold & twist | Temari sushi (sushi balls)

Sushi is like art on a plate and temari sushi is the kawaii (cute) version, if you ask me.  Temari sushi is a small ball-like sushi that you can easily make at home. And if you are throwing a little party then I am sure it would impress your guests ;) Not recommended if you don’t have much time to prepare your food, it takes quite a bit of time to make these. Especially if you are planning to use different kind of fish and/or toppings.

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