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Christmas table decoration

Golden chocolates| Christmas table decorations (the easy way)

CHRISTMAS DECORATION – Are you ready for Christmas?  For me, I am still in the middle of preparing my Christmas dinner and that is already taking all of my time. So for the Christmas table I usually don’t do much more than a simple dinner setting – lights, plates and matching napkins etc. However, to have some more Christmas feel, I usually set up the coffee table where the guests/ family are sitting and waiting. Chocolate always does the trick for the young ones, but of course also for you and me.

The easiest and quickest way to have your (coffee) table Christmas proof (and probably also the cheapest way), you will need to have the following:

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Roasted duck noodle soup

Noodles vs. Ramen | a bowl of deliciousness

NOODLES & RAMEN – Q: What is exactly the difference between ramen and noodles? A: There is not really a difference between noodles and ramen. Ramen is actually a type of noodle dish in Japan.

It is the name that distinguishes the bowl of noodles that is served. In China, they call it noodles and in Japan ramen. There is a great variety of Chinese noodles, which vary according to their region of production, ingredients, shape or width, and manner of preparation. I have been eaten noodles and ramen all my life: I came across very delicious ones and ones that are really not worth to mention it.

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30 ºC and it is BBQ time | POP photo effects

SUMMER & BBQ – Last week, I was complaining about the weather. It was cloudy and chilly in friggin’ July. I guess my complaint is heard, because one week has passed and it is 30 ºC, sunshine everywhere ^^ With this kind of weather, we all love to eat outside and barbeque is of course the perfect food for a day like this. The meat, seafood and all other delicious food were prepared in front of us, my only task is to eat ^^. Wine, food and sun, my perfect Sunday ! Continue reading