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Food in Seoul part 3 | Korean barbecue pork version

The sizzling sound, watching the meat slowly turns golden brown and the heat that is coming right at your face. YEAHH, I am at a Korean barbecue restaurant. My Korean friend recommended this place, she said it is one of the best barbecues and has a very strong local feel. The food was indeed really good! The restaurant was up somewhere on the second floor, not really easy to find for tourists and the menu was only in Korean; written on a big piece of white paper on the wall.

Korean barbeque pork

Korean barbecue pork

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Fried Snacks ( twigim)

Food in Seoul part 1 | Most popular Korean street food

KOREAN STREET FOOD SEOUL – As mentioned in my previous post I went to Seoul for a very short trip. 9 days to be exact, so it was way too short to really go deep into the food and culture. I probably have just seen the tip of the iceberg, but for most people who visit Korea for the first time and shopping and eating is the main purpose than 9 days is perfect. I even had time to visit some of the cultural places. Continue reading

Hello Kitty Cappuchino

Afternoon tea | Hello Kitty Café in Hongdae – Seoul

SEOUL TRIP – My first time in Seoul (South Korea) and it was amazing! Seoul is a city where traditions meet the modern. A city that truly never sleeps; you can shop and eat 24 hours. After this trip, I know what Korean food truly taste like – really SPICY!  Lot’s more about Korean food in my next posts, but first something really sweet and cute!

Let’s go to the Hello Kitty café in Hongdae. The café is not big and it is filled with tourists taking pictures of every corner of the café. Continue reading


K-FOOD | Kimbap (Korean seaweed roll)

KOREAN SUSHI – When making kimbap or sushi at home, there is no exact science to it compared to baking.  Ingredients for a cake that is not measured correctly equals to failure. It is a total different story when it comes to making kimbap or sushi. As long as you got the rice good, you are already half way of making a delicious seaweed roll, in this case kimbap. Oh and for the perfect rice do invest in a rice cooker. It really saves you a lot of time! Continue reading

Home alone | Korean style dinner

Can you tell which cuisine it is, just by looking at the table settings? Korean style is definitely one of the most easiest to recognize. Korean cuisine is known for its bibimpap and bulgogi, but also for the side dishes. It is a very recognizable scene – table full of bowls and plates with side dishes (banchan). Not really doable when I am alone at home, not to mention the washing-up. So I just made my own style of Korean dinner, lettuce wraps. Lettuce wraps are very common in the Korean food culture. You can wrap anything you like, but beef is the main ingredient for today.

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