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Vegetarian rice bowl

Healthy, colorful and less than 300 calories dinner | Vegetarian rice bowl

BOWL OF RICE – It’s a lovely winter day today; cold but sunny. When I take a look outside, I see lots of people jog, whether it is alone, with a friend, a dog or in groups. A few weeks ago I was totally seeing myself do the same. However, the truth is cruel… I admit I failed; my new year’s resolution was a complete failure. Chips, cakes, candies, cookies and chocolate they are all here, of course it didn’t disappear in 2014. What was I thinking?! And after all I am a food blogger. I love food! Continue reading


K-FOOD | Kimbap (Korean seaweed roll)

KOREAN SUSHI – When making kimbap or sushi at home, there is no exact science to it compared to baking.  Ingredients for a cake that is not measured correctly equals to failure. It is a total different story when it comes to making kimbap or sushi. As long as you got the rice good, you are already half way of making a delicious seaweed roll, in this case kimbap. Oh and for the perfect rice do invest in a rice cooker. It really saves you a lot of time! Continue reading

Good morning, Chinese breakfast | Salted chicken congee

 Salted chicken congee

CHINESE BREAKFAST – I have been growing up with congee. Yes, congee is a typical Chinese breakfast item. For me it is nothing special, but for the many that aren’t familiar with Asian style breakfast it is a bit too heavy to eat this in the early morning. To be honest I am also not a fan to eat this in the morning; I grow up to eat this as brunch or lunch. Often prepared during weekends, you can compare it with the Sunday brunch when you will also take time to prepare and enjoy the food. Congee is easy to make at home, but it will take some time; perfect side dishes to go with congee are Chinese doughnut and stir fried mie.

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Garlic stir fried mussels

Cantonese home cooking | Garlic stir fry mussels with Chinese vermicelli

EASY SEAFOOD DISH – Steamed black bean eel, chili crab, ginger & green onion steamed oyster and scallops… what to choose? I have always a dilemma when sitting in a restaurant picking out the seafood. I can’t order everything ($$$), so then we always ask what is the best pick of today.

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Mini chocolat cake wtih only 280 calories

A little present | Chocolate Cake only 280 calories

CHOCO CAKE – Craving for chocolate? Try this chocolate cake it is soft, moist and chocolate for only 280 calories!

In the real world there is no such thing as creamy and intense chocolate cake (you know, the chocolate cakes that makes you drool just by looking at it) in combination with low calorie. So my conclusion is to DIY (do it yourself). Making a low calorie chocolate cake that at least would stop my craving of eating a whole pack of chocolate. Honestly, a warm soft and moist cake with a cup of tea beats everything, for the afternoon snack.

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Optical illusion 1 big cake | Black sesame cake with cream cheese frosting

I love to make big cakes, but if you start making it every week it’s a bit too much. So my solution is making just one piece of cake that looks like it has been cut out of a whole cake.  You will have to make a flat sponge cake; cut it in the shape you want and put it on top of each other. Finish with some decoration (cream or frosting) and you will have a cake that looks like that it was a part of a bigger cake. This little piece is just enough for you or the two of you ❤

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Summer bite, the XS version| Strawberry button cupcake

SUMMER – Mid-July and here (in the Netherlands), we still got just a tiny bit of sunshine. On the other hand the supermarkets are stocking up with lots of summer fruits. You may have noticed that I use strawberry a lot, in my blog posts. That is absolutely my favourite, when it comes to making dessert.  So, when I saw a box with mini strawberries, I immediately saw cupcakes.

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