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These dishes are looking good, don’t they? Although I am not quite ready to produce these dishes, luckily I have a chef at home and he is called ‘dad’. It is not an everyday meal, but with family occasions my dad cooks some of his specialties and a wide variety of dishes (roasted dishes are bought). These dishes are typically Cantonese, especially the roasted duck and pork. These roasted foods are always nice to bring with you if you pop in with dinner, known as adding a dish (literally translated from Cantonese).

I took the photos while my dad was still cooking, because there was no time for me to style the dishes or do anything. Dishes have to be serve HOT, like the Chinese saying: “eat it while it’s hot.”

Cantonese roasted duck (siu ab)Cantonese roasted duck (siu ab 燒鴨)

Chinese scrambled eggs with prawns

Chinese scrambled eggs with prawns 滑蛋蝦仁

Steamed eel in black bean sauce

Steamed eel in black bean sauce 豉汁蒸鱔

Steamed fish with soy sauceSteamed fish with soy sauce 清蒸魚

Roasted pork (cha siu)

Roasted pork (cha siu 叉燒)

Stir-fried garlic vegetables

Stir-fried garlic vegetables 蒜蓉炒菜

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