Lazy food | Quick and easy noodle soup

NOODLE SOUP HOW TO – Noodles are just the perfect dish for the “I don’t feel like doing anything” days – Hello Bruno. Turn the TV on; get my warm and cozy blanket and press play: marathon of series!! Accompanied by my hot bowl of noodle soup… nothing at all…

Quick and easy noodle soup

seaweed, egg & crabstick noodle soup

seaweed, egg & crabstick noodle soup

Soft boiled egg
Spring onion
1 bag of (instant) noodles (I used half per bowl)
*Practically anything you like

1.    Prepare some hot boiling water, cook your favorite noodles and drain the noodles.
2.    Put the drained noodles in a nice bowl and top it with your favorite ingredients.
3.    Again boil some water to prepare the soup and when it is boiling pour it slowly in your bowl with noodles and toppings.

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