Mini Chiffon Cake | “no picture please”

Mini Chiffon Cake

One of those embarrassing moments:

“There is something magically about the word “mini or little” especially when it’s applied on sweets and desserts. Gather all the mini’s around and you can get lovely shots. In Asia, there are a lot of these dessert shops where they sell mini cakes. All the cakes are perfectly lined next to each other, every millimetres counts and the ambience of the store is great: bright light, white counters, soft colors and friendly people. So whenever I walk in one of those 

glamorous desserts shops, I would like to take a picture. However, the moment when I tried to get the focus point right. I can feel employees tense up, all eyes on me and then suddenly I noticed someone standing behind me, saying” no pictures please!” …3 seconds of embarrassment. I quickly apologize and my phone quietly disappeared. I did a quick round and disappeared from the shop as well.”

Back at home I like to make mini desserts. Main reason: they are just cute! Secondly, portion control; just enough to stop the cravings.

Let me introduce my mini: Mini Chiffon Cake with berries.

Chic chiffon cake with berries

I used a mini angel food cake pan, too bad I only bought one, because it came out perfectly. Use a piping bag to fill the hole and make a nice little mountain with whipped cream. Finish it with some of your favourite fruit. The little whipped cream mountain makes it easier to layer the fruit and it add some creaminess to it too.

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