Food in Seoul part 3 | Korean barbecue pork version

The sizzling sound, watching the meat slowly turns golden brown and the heat that is coming right at your face. YEAHH, I am at a Korean barbecue restaurant. My Korean friend recommended this place, she said it is one of the best barbecues and has a very strong local feel. The food was indeed really good! The restaurant was up somewhere on the second floor, not really easy to find for tourists and the menu was only in Korean; written on a big piece of white paper on the wall.

Korean barbeque pork

Korean barbecue pork

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Sweet chili chicken, Honey mustard ham & Meatbal with sate sauce

East meets west | Asian flavored sandwich

FIND THE ASIAN – No doubt about it, we don’t find these in Hong Kong, China or in other Asian countries where rice and noodles are the main staple food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I don’t mind eating bread; fact is I grew up with it. To be honest, I am not really use to eat noodles or rice the whole day. So when I am in Hong Kong for a long period, I do really crave for some ‘normal’ bread. That sounds kind of silly, because Hong Kong has so many good and delicious foods! (note: bread in Hong Kong tastes different; it’s too soft and sweet)
So to combine the best of 2 worlds: ‘normal’ bread with Asian taste. In the Netherlands, sandwiches like these are very common and not bad at all.

Can you see just by looking at the image tell which one is the Asian flavored.

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Fresh mint tea

The first day of 2014 | Cup of fresh mint tea

HAPPY NEW YEAR – The year 2013 ended with.. well… let’s just keep it short … GREAT FUN! Food, fireworks and drinks times two.

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Christmas table decoration

Golden chocolates| Christmas table decorations (the easy way)

CHRISTMAS DECORATION – Are you ready for Christmas?  For me, I am still in the middle of preparing my Christmas dinner and that is already taking all of my time. So for the Christmas table I usually don’t do much more than a simple dinner setting – lights, plates and matching napkins etc. However, to have some more Christmas feel, I usually set up the coffee table where the guests/ family are sitting and waiting. Chocolate always does the trick for the young ones, but of course also for you and me.

The easiest and quickest way to have your (coffee) table Christmas proof (and probably also the cheapest way), you will need to have the following:

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Fried Snacks ( twigim)

Food in Seoul part 1 | Most popular Korean street food

KOREAN STREET FOOD SEOUL – As mentioned in my previous post I went to Seoul for a very short trip. 9 days to be exact, so it was way too short to really go deep into the food and culture. I probably have just seen the tip of the iceberg, but for most people who visit Korea for the first time and shopping and eating is the main purpose than 9 days is perfect. I even had time to visit some of the cultural places. Continue reading