Sushi for dinner! Who else? | Tips for making maki and nigiri


California maki, Avocado maki and Unagi nigiri

California maki, Avocado maki and Unagi nigiri

Did I mention that sushi is one of my favorite? These little adorable delicious cute things just topped my favorite list for many years now and I am still hooked on as before. If you want some real good sushi here in Amsterdam (Kaiko still my favorite), be prepared to pay some extra money for it.

In order to be more friendly to my wallet, I make sushi at home. It will take some time, but for sure I know you will love it. After all, homemade food just tastes better. Don’t you think?

Unagi sushi

Unagi Nigiri

Some quick tips of making the sushi:

Unagi Nigiri

For the unagi nigiri, I bought the eel in an Asian supermarket. It was already flavored, so the only thing I had to do is to put it in the oven and heat it up. In the meanwhile, cut little strips of the seaweed, this is for wrapping the nigiri. The rice of a nigiri sushi is shaped a bit like a rectangle, but this time I used another method . This way my hands won’t get all under the rice and I find it much easier to get it all shaped in a nice way. I rolled it just like I would roll a temari sushi ( see my other post for instruction). Push it down a bit to get it steady.

California maki

The perfect ratio of rice and filling is something like 10% rice and 90% of filling. That is how I like it, so thin layer of rice is enough. Cover 80%-90% of the sheet with rice.

Avocado maki

I used half of the seaweed sheet to roll this little avocado rolls. The size of the avocado should be 1/8 of a normal sized avocado. This is a good size to roll in a maki.

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