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Hello Kitty Cappuchino

Afternoon tea | Hello Kitty Café in Hongdae – Seoul

SEOUL TRIP – My first time in Seoul (South Korea) and it was amazing! Seoul is a city where traditions meet the modern. A city that truly never sleeps; you can shop and eat 24 hours. After this trip, I know what Korean food truly taste like – really SPICY!  Lot’s more about Korean food in my next posts, but first something really sweet and cute!

Let’s go to the Hello Kitty café in Hongdae. The café is not big and it is filled with tourists taking pictures of every corner of the café. Continue reading

chocolate egg tart

Egg tart innovation | Chocolate egg tart

YUMMY CREATIVITY – Walking down the busy streets in Hong Kong, you come across many bread and cake shops. From fancy western cute little shops to traditional market style bread and cake shop. These traditional shops are the most interesting to me. It really is all about the food. No fancy wrappings, just plastic bags. Nonetheless, people are lining up. When people are lining up in Hong Kong, you know it is good.

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