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Mini Chiffon Cake | “no picture please”

Mini Chiffon Cake

One of those embarrassing moments:

“There is something magically about the word “mini or little” especially when it’s applied on sweets and desserts. Gather all the mini’s around and you can get lovely shots. In Asia, there are a lot of these dessert shops where they sell mini cakes. All the cakes are perfectly lined next to each other, every millimetres counts and the ambience of the store is great: bright light, white counters, soft colors and friendly people. So whenever I walk in one of those 

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❤ Cake HK Style | Cake wrapped in paper 纸包蛋糕

Cake wrapped in paper 纸包蛋糕is probably one of the most old-fashioned cake. It is a common type of Chinese pastry which can be found in a Chinese bakery in Chinatown and traditional bakery shops in Hong Kong. You won’t find these in the modern type of bakeries in Hong Kong. I don’t know why, but probably due to the looks. If you have ever been to a modern bakery shop in Hong Kong, you should have noticed that all the cakes and bread are showcased beautifully. Cake wrapped in paper is literal ‘cake wrapped in paper’, most likely sponge cake or chiffon cake. There is nothing fancy about this cake; there is no cream in it or any decorations. Nonetheless, it is a cake that I always like to eat – just an honest looking cake, good texture and nice with a cup of tea.

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