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KitKat in Japan | Pink chocolate


Pink KitKat - Japan

Pink KitKat – Japan

KitKat is huge in Japan; there are tons of flavors – from green tea to wasabi. In Amsterdam we got these “normal” ones. This pink one I got it from a friend as a little gift. I don’t know if you can still call it chocolate, maybe cookie wrapped in a creamy jacket is much more suitable. It may taste like bubblegum, but it is cute. #Sunday snack

Christmas table decoration

Golden chocolates| Christmas table decorations (the easy way)

CHRISTMAS DECORATION – Are you ready for Christmas?  For me, I am still in the middle of preparing my Christmas dinner and that is already taking all of my time. So for the Christmas table I usually don’t do much more than a simple dinner setting – lights, plates and matching napkins etc. However, to have some more Christmas feel, I usually set up the coffee table where the guests/ family are sitting and waiting. Chocolate always does the trick for the young ones, but of course also for you and me.

The easiest and quickest way to have your (coffee) table Christmas proof (and probably also the cheapest way), you will need to have the following:

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Mini chocolat cake wtih only 280 calories

A little present | Chocolate Cake only 280 calories

CHOCO CAKE – Craving for chocolate? Try this chocolate cake it is soft, moist and chocolate for only 280 calories!

In the real world there is no such thing as creamy and intense chocolate cake (you know, the chocolate cakes that makes you drool just by looking at it) in combination with low calorie. So my conclusion is to DIY (do it yourself). Making a low calorie chocolate cake that at least would stop my craving of eating a whole pack of chocolate. Honestly, a warm soft and moist cake with a cup of tea beats everything, for the afternoon snack.

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Sweet craving | Chocolate cake in 10 minutes

EASY BAKING – Making a good cake can be a long process, but it can be also achieved in just 10 minutes! The result is the same that would satisfy your craving for sweet and cake.  I am not always fully stocked with my baking ingredients and I had no butter and no chocolate at home this time. However, I really wanted to make a chocolate cake. Wearing my comfy house style clothes, I was too lazy to go outside. Thus, using some improvisation, I replaced the butter with Lätta (whipped margarine) and chocolate for chocolate milk powder.  Lätta is actually used for toasts or bread, but in the end it is still butter so it should be ok =). Also an additional benefit of Lätta is it is already whipped butter ;)

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Chocoholic | Bonbon & truffle workshop

During a 3-hour workshop I played with flavours and got to know some interesting facts about chocolate. For example pure chocolate has to have 34% of cocoa in it, 18% in milk chocolate and white chocolate does not contain any cocoa. Thus, white chocolate is actually not chocolate. Continue reading