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Christmas table decoration

Golden chocolates| Christmas table decorations (the easy way)

CHRISTMAS DECORATION – Are you ready for Christmas?  For me, I am still in the middle of preparing my Christmas dinner and that is already taking all of my time. So for the Christmas table I usually don’t do much more than a simple dinner setting – lights, plates and matching napkins etc. However, to have some more Christmas feel, I usually set up the coffee table where the guests/ family are sitting and waiting. Chocolate always does the trick for the young ones, but of course also for you and me.

The easiest and quickest way to have your (coffee) table Christmas proof (and probably also the cheapest way), you will need to have the following:

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DIY Christmas treat | Marshmallow Christmas Tree

Shops and streets are already filled with Christmas decorations, lights and food. December is always the month for cities to light up literally. Compared to some cities like Hong Kong, Amsterdam is a bit modest in their Christmas lightings. Nevertheless, the cold winter, dark days and snow – strolling down the city with shimmering lights on the background has his own charm. When I am in Hong Kong with Christmas I love to go outside, but when I am back in Amsterdam I love to spend my holidays inside. Should have something to do with the weather of course.

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