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Lazy food | Quick and easy noodle soup

NOODLE SOUP HOW TO – Noodles are just the perfect dish for the “I don’t feel like doing anything” days – Hello Bruno. Turn the TV on; get my warm and cozy blanket and press play: marathon of series!! Accompanied by my hot bowl of noodle soup… nothing at all…

Quick and easy noodle soup

seaweed, egg & crabstick noodle soup

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K-FOOD | Kimbap (Korean seaweed roll)

KOREAN SUSHI – When making kimbap or sushi at home, there is no exact science to it compared to baking.  Ingredients for a cake that is not measured correctly equals to failure. It is a total different story when it comes to making kimbap or sushi. As long as you got the rice good, you are already half way of making a delicious seaweed roll, in this case kimbap. Oh and for the perfect rice do invest in a rice cooker. It really saves you a lot of time! Continue reading