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Lazy food | Quick and easy noodle soup

NOODLE SOUP HOW TO – Noodles are just the perfect dish for the “I don’t feel like doing anything” days – Hello Bruno. Turn the TV on; get my warm and cozy blanket and press play: marathon of series!! Accompanied by my hot bowl of noodle soup… nothing at all…

Quick and easy noodle soup

seaweed, egg & crabstick noodle soup

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The number one for breakfast | The perfect boiled egg

Due to my laziness as in not wanting to go to the kitchen twice, I always put my eggs in a saucepan with cold water. However, it seems that cooking eggs in cold water has it benefit (I asked Google). This will ensure your egg whites remains soft and not rubbery, which also can happen if you cook it for too long.

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Chef at home | Cantonese home cooking

These dishes are looking good, don’t they? Although I am not quite ready to produce these dishes, luckily I have a chef at home and he is called ‘dad’. It is not an everyday meal, but with family occasions my dad cooks some of his specialties and a wide variety of dishes (roasted dishes are bought). These dishes are typically Cantonese, especially the roasted duck and pork. These roasted foods are always nice to bring with you if you pop in with dinner, known as adding a dish (literally translated from Cantonese).

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