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Asian dining experience | boiling, grilling and seeing

‘Neatly sitting at your table, looking at your shiny cutlery placed on a nicely folded white towel and waiting for your ordered 3-course meal.’
This is as many of you may recall an ordinary dining out experience, but there is more in the dining scene. Let me share some of my dining experience that I really love.

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chocolate egg tart

Egg tart innovation | Chocolate egg tart

YUMMY CREATIVITY – Walking down the busy streets in Hong Kong, you come across many bread and cake shops. From fancy western cute little shops to traditional market style bread and cake shop. These traditional shops are the most interesting to me. It really is all about the food. No fancy wrappings, just plastic bags. Nonetheless, people are lining up. When people are lining up in Hong Kong, you know it is good.

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Monster sushi Hong Kong | Food Journey

When I was in Hong Kong, sushi was one of the types of food that I have eaten the most. So it took me a while to organize all the sushi photos. This is the first batch: sushi @ Monster sushi. Located in Langham Place (Mong Kok) with the longest indoor escalator in Hong Kong I believe. The sushi weren’t monstrous big, but monstrous good-looking so I had to eat them ;)

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TOP 8 must eat snacks | that are absolutely better in Hong Kong

SNACK TIME – In Hong Kong we always end up sitting somewhere eating or drinking every two to three hours. Not always because we are hungry, but because it is too hot outside. There are a lot of small shops with a wide variety of snacks and refreshing drinks. I did not even include fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s (I must say their menu is much better than in Europe)! And of course our main purpose is to avoid the heat and enjoy places with air-conditioning.

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Dim sum with a star Tim Ho Wan 添好運 Hong Kong | Food Journey

MUST EAT IN HK – No doubts dim sum is the best in Hong Kong (HK), after all it is the birthplace of dim sum! People in HK can eat dim sum all day long – breakfast, lunch and even dinner. In popular districts you have to queue up for a seat. Take a number and you just have to wait for your number to be called, if you don’t mind sharing a table than the wait would be a bit faster. After being seated, you will notice the first thing people do is rinse your cups and plates with hot water.  However, not everybody seems to do this anymore, but the older generation is still sticking to this ‘tradition’. As a not local; I just follow the others. Also it depends on what kind of restaurant you are, because some restaurants will serve an empty bowl right away. The empty bowl is to throw away the (dirty) water. However, this might suggest that the cups and plates are not clean in the first place…

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