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KitKat in Japan | Pink chocolate


Pink KitKat - Japan

Pink KitKat – Japan

KitKat is huge in Japan; there are tons of flavors – from green tea to wasabi. In Amsterdam we got these “normal” ones. This pink one I got it from a friend as a little gift. I don’t know if you can still call it chocolate, maybe cookie wrapped in a creamy jacket is much more suitable. It may taste like bubblegum, but it is cute. #Sunday snack

Roasted duck noodle soup

Noodles vs. Ramen | a bowl of deliciousness

NOODLES & RAMEN – Q: What is exactly the difference between ramen and noodles? A: There is not really a difference between noodles and ramen. Ramen is actually a type of noodle dish in Japan.

It is the name that distinguishes the bowl of noodles that is served. In China, they call it noodles and in Japan ramen. There is a great variety of Chinese noodles, which vary according to their region of production, ingredients, shape or width, and manner of preparation. I have been eaten noodles and ramen all my life: I came across very delicious ones and ones that are really not worth to mention it.

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Turn, fold & twist | Temari sushi (sushi balls)

Sushi is like art on a plate and temari sushi is the kawaii (cute) version, if you ask me.  Temari sushi is a small ball-like sushi that you can easily make at home. And if you are throwing a little party then I am sure it would impress your guests ;) Not recommended if you don’t have much time to prepare your food, it takes quite a bit of time to make these. Especially if you are planning to use different kind of fish and/or toppings.

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❤ Cake| Raspberry Hokkaido chiffon cake 山莓北海道牛奶蛋糕

Once in a while I would browse through those millions of cook blogs to see what fellow bloggers are blogging about. Then I stumble on these Japanese chiffon cakes – Lately I haven’t been baking anything, so it’s time to bake. These chiffon cakes are actually quite similar to the Japanese cotton cheesecake (my first post). Both are soft and silky, but the Japanese cotton cheesecake is more dense.

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