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Vegetarian rice bowl

Healthy, colorful and less than 300 calories dinner | Vegetarian rice bowl

BOWL OF RICE – It’s a lovely winter day today; cold but sunny. When I take a look outside, I see lots of people jog, whether it is alone, with a friend, a dog or in groups. A few weeks ago I was totally seeing myself do the same. However, the truth is cruel… I admit I failed; my new year’s resolution was a complete failure. Chips, cakes, candies, cookies and chocolate they are all here, of course it didn’t disappear in 2014. What was I thinking?! And after all I am a food blogger. I love food! Continue reading

Oriental salad | Sweet chili shrimp salad

Every time when I am on my way to home from work, I always think about food – my dinner. What shall I eat and cook? Last week, still thinking about the same, but not with the hungry mind as usual. I ate so much (sweet) stuff at work that I just really crave for a light meal and Continue reading

Another light meal | Chinese vermicelli with Vietnamese dressing

Another light meal recipe to get ready for the holiday’s! (Click here for my previous light meal recipe: California salad) This time a little experiment of my own, a fusion dish using Chinese vermicelli. This type of noodle is a transparent noodle made from starch (such as mung bean starch, yam and potato starch) and water. In several countries in Asia they have their own name for this type of noodle, but in English mainly called Chinese vermicelli , Cellophane noodles or glass noodles.

Continue reading

Holidays are coming! | California salad

Holidays are coming! You still may want to lose a few pounds to look better in that dress you bought for your upcoming parties. To be honest, there is only 20 days left until Christmas, little can be done or are you planning to follow a strict regime ? No strict regime for me, that’s for sure. However, I believe you can still do something and that is to eat light meals in the coming Continue reading