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Lazy food | Quick and easy noodle soup

NOODLE SOUP HOW TO – Noodles are just the perfect dish for the “I don’t feel like doing anything” days – Hello Bruno. Turn the TV on; get my warm and cozy blanket and press play: marathon of series!! Accompanied by my hot bowl of noodle soup… nothing at all…

Quick and easy noodle soup

seaweed, egg & crabstick noodle soup

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Roasted duck noodle soup

Noodles vs. Ramen | a bowl of deliciousness

NOODLES & RAMEN – Q: What is exactly the difference between ramen and noodles? A: There is not really a difference between noodles and ramen. Ramen is actually a type of noodle dish in Japan.

It is the name that distinguishes the bowl of noodles that is served. In China, they call it noodles and in Japan ramen. There is a great variety of Chinese noodles, which vary according to their region of production, ingredients, shape or width, and manner of preparation. I have been eaten noodles and ramen all my life: I came across very delicious ones and ones that are really not worth to mention it.

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Meatless Sunday | Vegetarian instant noodle stir-fry

How to survive your lazy Sunday with almost nothing in your fridge? Yes, it is one of those Sundays that you wake up and it’s already almost lunch time. With a growling stomach, instant noodles save the day. It is not the healthiest choice, but if you add a bit of vegetables it already sounds a bit healthier. Don’t you think ;)

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Classic Cantonese noodles | Stir fried rice noodles with beef 乾炒牛河

When we go out to dim sum restaurants, we always order one of the noodle dishes. The crunchy noodles top with seafood & meat and the stir fried rice noodles with beef are the dishes that we often order. I always wondered if it’s possible to make the little dim sum and stir fried dishes at home? The answer is yes! However, before I challenge myself to make these delicious dim sums, I will try this stir fried rice noodles with beef dish first. In my opinion and my family: I passed the challenge :)

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