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Vegetarian rice bowl

Healthy, colorful and less than 300 calories dinner | Vegetarian rice bowl

BOWL OF RICE – It’s a lovely winter day today; cold but sunny. When I take a look outside, I see lots of people jog, whether it is alone, with a friend, a dog or in groups. A few weeks ago I was totally seeing myself do the same. However, the truth is cruel… I admit I failed; my new year’s resolution was a complete failure. Chips, cakes, candies, cookies and chocolate they are all here, of course it didn’t disappear in 2014. What was I thinking?! And after all I am a food blogger. I love food! Continue reading

Home alone | Korean style dinner

Can you tell which cuisine it is, just by looking at the table settings? Korean style is definitely one of the most easiest to recognize. Korean cuisine is known for its bibimpap and bulgogi, but also for the side dishes. It is a very recognizable scene – table full of bowls and plates with side dishes (banchan). Not really doable when I am alone at home, not to mention the washing-up. So I just made my own style of Korean dinner, lettuce wraps. Lettuce wraps are very common in the Korean food culture. You can wrap anything you like, but beef is the main ingredient for today.

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Another bowl of rice please| Sweet chili shrimps

To make our kitchen life simpler, a delicious shrimps dish in 10 minutes. Stir-fry is definitely one of the most common cooking methods in Chinese cuisine. Key points for stir-fried dishes: strong fire and quick hands. Many Chinese shrimp dishes contain shrimps with shell and stir-fried with delicious sauce. The way how to eat it is to use your hands, it’s also not a lady

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