Chicken konnyaku (Jǔruò: 蒟蒻) noodle soup | Easy and low calorie meal

Chicken konnyaku (Jǔruò: 蒟蒻) noodle soup | Easy and low calorie meal

Konnyaku noodles is well-known for its low carb, low calories, and zero fat and high soluble fiber. In Chinese it is called jǔruò (pinyin) 蒟蒻. Jǔruò is also a common ingredient for Chinese hot pot. Konnyaku noodles or jǔruò has been widely used in Asia. It started not as a diet food, but as people got to know its benefits of low calorie and low carb. Many people use it as a substitute for noodles or other types of carb. So if you have plans for the new year to slim down a bit then this would be a nice diet food – a delicious low cal and carb noodle soup. Top it with your favorite ingredients and you got your delicious bowl of noodle soup!

Chicken konnyaku noodle soup
Chicken konnyaku (Jǔruò: 蒟蒻) noodle soup


  • Konnyaku noodles (jǔruò: 蒟蒻)
  • Dried shiitake
  • Spring onion
  • Yellow bell pepper
  • 1 soft boiled egg
  • Shredded chicken (seasoned with little bit of salt en pepper)
  • Miso soup (instant*, low salt)


  1. Soak the shiitakes in water at least a few hours before use. The best is to soak it overnight.
  2. Cook the chicken in water until cooked. Rinse it with cold water and shred the chicken in small pieces.
  3. Boil an egg. (Take a look at a previous post of mine for a perfect soft boiled egg)
  4. Rinse the konnyaku noodles first with water. Use a small pan to cook the konnyaku noodles for a minute or 2 and drain it.
  5. Use another small pan to cook the miso soup (instant) * and add in the shitake, let it simmer.
  6. The last step is to put all the ingredients together. First lay a layer of konnyaku noodles on the bottom. Top it with the remaining ingredients and at last pour in the hot miso soup.

*Instant miso soup packages only needs to add hot boiled water, but for this dish we need to cook it a little bit.

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