Food Diary – Keep track of your daily intake

How to start a healthy lifestyle? Or just simply want to gain some insights on what you eat and drink in a day. Keeping a food diary has certainly helped me to get to know my eating and drinking habits. I started tracking by simply using a notepad which soon became very messy. So I started creating a simple template to keep track. Nothing fancy just straight to the point. To keep everything organised I created 4 food diaries for the whole year: Pear, Banana, Apple and Orange.

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These simple food diaries will help you get started with a healthy diet by tracking your daily food and water intake. 

Each diary covers 3 months of daily tracking. The layout is set very simple, so it would be easy for you to start logging your food and water intake. Review after 3 months and continue until you achieve your goals. Collect them all (Pear, Banana, Apple and Orange) and start tracking for the whole year.

  • Each diary consist of 100 pages which covers 3 months of daily tracking. 
  • 1 goals page and a few extra pages for your notes. 
  • The daily tracking pages are undated, so you can start anytime.
  • Simple and clean layout.
Name and Goals example
Daily tracking example